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Portable Satellite Systems

The NEW DISH Playmaker by Winegard is the perfect traveling companion whether your are tailgating or camping. It's the lowest cost portable satellite antenna in market today and offers a sleek, compact design. The DISH Playmaker works exclusively with DISH HD Solo receiver technology and Pay-As-You-Go programming. This antenna supports one receiver and is 100% automatic so it's simple to use and effortless to set up. 
With Pay-As-You-Go TV, there is no contract required, so you pay only for the months you use. When the season is over, simply stop your service without penalty. 
Customers that already have a DISH 411 or ViP 211 series receiver only need to purchase the antenna.

The DISH Playmaker is compatible only with DISH Solo HD or DISH Wally receivers -- ViP 211, 211k, 211z and 411 (new and remanufactured 211z and remanufactured 211k inventory will be compatible with the DISH Playmaker out of the box)

Single LNB - This Antenna will work with 1 Satellite Reciever. 


Effortless Setup - Uses coax, no power cable needed.

Simple to Use - 100% automatic using DISH mobile protocol.

Ideal with Pay-As-You-Go Programming.

2 year parts, 1 year labor warranty.

Technical Specifications

Satellites Acquired, 110°, 119°, 129°

Unit Weight: 10 lbs.

Dimensions: 14.3" diameter, 13.5" stowed height

Stationary Use Only

Satellite Antennas have a 1 year Manufacturer Warranty from the date of purchase
In The Box

Playmaker Antenna

25' Coaxial Cable

Printed Documentation - Installation Instructions

Price: $299.99

Fully automatic portable HD satellite antenna sits on the ground or permanently mounts to the roof of your RV.

Enjoy all your favorite TV programs anywhere, anytime including local networks. Compatible with DISH HD Solo receivers (ViP211z, ViP211k, ViP211 or 411, all sold separately). DISH satellite service required; no long term contract necessary with pay-as-you-go option. For stationary use only. Mfr. limited 2 year parts, 1 year labor warranty. Made in USA.

Use as either portable or roof mount – mounting feet included
Supports multiple TV viewing (programming must be on same satellite).

Exclusive for DISH service – both SD and HD programming
Fully automatic satellite acquisition.

Powered through receive
r with no separate remote or power source
Includes 50’ coax cable.

Price: $349.99

Pathway X2


DISH approved fully automatic portable satellite system that delivers two receiver capability to let you watch what you want!

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The Pathway X2 is 100% automatic and self installs faster than other antennas. The X2 runs through the ViP series receiver menu using the new DISH mobile protocol. Just set your state and the X2 will do the rest!


Pathway antennas are powered through the coax cable from the satellite receiver. Just one wire, no power cable needed! Pathway series antennas self-install faster than other automatic antennas!


Compatibility with your current DISH subscription or Pay-As-You-Go programming provides convenience of no long contracts or commitments!

Price: $499.99

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